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September 15, 2010

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Mobil Home 50&up Park
Mobil Home 50&up Park
$1,025.00 (14 Bids)
Time Remaining: 2d 17h 46m
Buy It Now for only: $6,500.00
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Mobile home adult community Vero Beach Florida 55+
Mobile home adult community Vero Beach Florida 55+
Time Remaining: 18d 15h 55m
Buy It Now for only: $2,900.00
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3br 2bath Mobile home
3br 2bath Mobile home
Time Remaining: 15h 50m
Buy It Now for only: $2,800.00
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For sale Mobile Home WITH the Land - 2 Br & 2 Bath - Paisley, Florida 32767
For sale Mobile Home WITH the Land - 2 Br & 2 Bath - Paisley, Florida 32767
Time Remaining: 7d 20h 36m
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Time Remaining: 24d 15h 58m
Buy It Now for only: $38,490.00
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Mobile home community 55+ Vero Beach Florida
Mobile home community 55+ Vero Beach Florida
Time Remaining: 15d 6h 47m
Buy It Now for only: $11,900.00
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Mobile Home Office Trailer, 2010 2 bdrm Lot Model
Mobile Home Office Trailer, 2010 2 bdrm Lot Model
Time Remaining: 21d 20h 35m
Buy It Now for only: $10,000.00
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40 X 14  MOBILE HOME / Office  With Central Heat/air
40 X 14 MOBILE HOME / Office With Central Heat/air
Time Remaining: 9d 12h 51m
Buy It Now for only: $5,200.00
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mobile home
mobile home
Time Remaining: 17h 53m
Buy It Now for only: $2,500.00
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10 Tips for Buying a Used Mobile Home


September 15, 2010

Buying used mobile homes is a good idea for a budding family whose budget is not enough to sustain the rent of an apartment or buy a new house. You can search through the internet and will find various sources selling used mobile homes. The fact that almost nine million Americans are now living in mobile homes and that the number will increase as the country’s economy is far from revival you will find a big market selling these homes.

So if you’re a home buyer and looking for used mobiles in the market, there are things that you should consider apart from the money, of course. You should not be hasty in picking the cheapest home because it might force you to spend more than that of the original price of the house just for repairs in the future.

The 9 things you must look are the following:

1. Passing the building code- it is the first thing that you must look in old mobiles. Many of them are built to meet building codes that are non-existent of today. You will find that recent codes may find violation in older homes such as in electrical wirings and installation. Aluminum wirings were used in the early up to the middle 70’s for mobile homes. These wirings are fire hazards and are discouraged by the recent building codes.

2. Look for size and not for model- buying old mobiles have certain limitations and one of these is the lack of varieties of models available for you. You’re lucky if you will find an available model that suited to your liking but you should streamline your choices to models that are big enough for you and your family. Number of bedrooms, baths, size of the dining area and other additional rooms that will complement to your lifestyle should be taken in as priorities in your list.

3. Check for the water- checking the water not only means a steady supply of water for the house needs. This also implies to undesirable waters that will damage your home if taken for granted. Roof leaks will cause stains in the ceilings that can be obviously observe. And if these stains are dried you can have checked the ceiling if there are rotten wood supports because of leaks.  Moreover, kitchen sinks and bathrooms should also be checked for water leaks. You must avoid plumbing problem.

4. Check the Electrical system- be sure that there is enough electrical circuit. The more you have in your mobile home like in the kitchen the more chances you will avoid electric overload. Faulty and worn electrical wiring should be checked also.

5. Look for shingled roofs- choose singled roof over a metal roof. Most metal roofs have no overhangs so they cause rainwater to enter the walls that will cause damage. On the other hand most shingled roofs have some overhangs. Pick a shingled roof that that has proper ventilation.

6. Walls should be sturdy- look for walls that are sturdy. 2 x 6in. lumber is a sturdy wall and if the spacing of the studs is wide enough to have decent room ventilation then it’s good. High exterior walls may provide you higher ceilings that will allow you to use standard-height doorways. An old mobile with a layer of plywood or oriented-strand board (OSB) as the external sheathing will strength to the structure.

7. Heating and Air-conditioning­- look for used mobile homes that have efficient and reliable heating and air-conditioning system to offer. Heating and cooling air outlets around the edges of the room are preferable to cold climate places, while air outlets around the ceiling are good for hot climate.

8. Protective underside- old mobiles that are better insulated are those that have protective skirt around it. Check if the one you will pick has protective skirt or a belly wrap around it while the bottom is well ventilated. Mobile homes that have permanent foundations have the best protective skirt.

9. Insurances- check if there are previously acquired insurances. This may add up to the price of the mobile home.

Used mobile homes depreciate its value as well as the strength of its structure, unless it is permanently fixed and maintained that it will fall into a real estate. You can buy less in old ones than in new mobiles. But finding old mobile homes that have no problem is like finding a needle in a haystack. However, by considering the 10 things marked above, it will guarantee you of offsetting future complications.


Tips for Renting a Mobile Home

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September 15, 2010

There are many advantages in renting an apartment unit at some point in your life. A starting couple or a single young adult will find renting a house more advantageous in their needs both economically and socially. Renting an apartment may offer you a number of privileges which are not available to those who are living in their own houses. You can enjoy recreational spaces like swimming pools, gyms, tennis or basketball court, etc. that are available. Moreover some of the rental apartments offer cleaning and laundry service and added security services that will give you more expenses if you acquire it in your own home. The best thing of all is that the fact that you have no responsibility for the maintenance and repair of the unit that you know can cost you your precious time and money.

Mobiles home for rent are different thing from other types of homes for rent although they offer the same flexibility to your pocket and your lifestyle. You don’t only rent the mobile home but you will also have to pay for the rent of the land where it stand, though there are some mobiles home for rent that have been fixed to the ground that you will have to pay only one rent. This is one particular thing that you must look into the rental schemes of mobile homes.

In addition, you should know what are that other charges you should pay. Waste disposal service fee, security fee will apply if your rented mobile home is located in a park that include security service, and other  kinds of services like snowplowing your front lawn have fees that you should be aware of. Obviously, the owners will pass it to you since you will be the one who will benefit from such services.

When considering mobiles home for rent, check the necessary details such as pipes, heaters or air conditioners, baths, sinks, ceilings, doors, walls, floors, etc. You should also consider the age of the mobile home you will be renting. The older your mobile home the more chances that trouble will arise, but there are some exemption of older ones that were fixed up to meet current building codes and standards. Check everything form top to bottom. You have nothing to lose if you do this.

You should be aware that it is not easy to have rental insurance in renting mobile homes. Keep looking for an insurance company which will give you a rental insurance that have a low rate, since renting a mobile home has rental insurance rate that is higher than those offered in renting an apartment or a house.

There are mobile parks that offer a space for you garage and some are not. Ask the owner if adding a garage in your rented mobile home will violate a certain mobile park’s regulation. It is also advisable that you enquire with the mobile park’s rules through the park manager. To know and abide to these rules will make you a responsible part of the mobile park community.

Mobiles home for rent is the best offer you can have for your starting family. Even the number of retired couples living in mobile homes is increasing for the past previous years. Just consider the tips above before you rent one. You don’t like to be spending much time and money in a home you are not satisfied.

Can I Get Financing For My Mobile Home?

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September 15, 2010

Getting financing for mobile homes from the banks proves to be difficult. Because most of the mobile homes have no lands included, banks will not take the risk of giving loans to such property that is not considered a real estate. Fortunately, for those who love to buy mobile homes there are financing companies who tailored their services in financing mobile home buyers. Mobile home financing companies can help people in financing and would also refinance mobile homes in park.

If you’re planning to seek financing aid from these mobile home financing companies, there are required factors that you must meet before these lenders give you your needed loan. You will find that these criteria are much different to loan criteria for traditional houses.

The first criterion you must meet is the foundation requirement. Almost all of the financing companies for mobile homes required mobile homes to be permanently fixed on the ground. It means that the wheels and axles of your mobile homes should be removed and the home must be tie down securely on the ground. Other criteria require your home to passed HUD standards. Your mobile home should pass the necessary code restrictions for design, construction, durability and strength. Accordingly, it must be a high-fire resistant home, an energy efficient home, can endure transport or mobility and quality building materials are used. Next, your property should maintain that the heating, air conditioning, plumbing and thermal systems are of high standards. It is also required that your home be inspected and passed the criteria of a qualified third party.

The next set of criteria is for you. First, ownership rights required that you solely own the property you will be asking for financing, except if the loan is catered to share ownership like of a cooperative association in-charge of the operation and maintenance of mobile parks.  Second, the one you will buy must be your principal residence so that the loan will be rendered to you to purchase your mobile home, but requiring that the mobile home will be placed on your land. If you have no land, there are loans that are tailored for both the mobile home and the lot. If you want to buy a mobile home in a mobile park, it will be noted that you have to extend the least on your home for at least five years after end of the term of the loan.

Third, you should be reminded that a high credit score will give you more chances to find loans from these mobile home financing companies. Furthermore, these companies will give you lower rate of interest than those who have low credit scores. You can seek professional help to a credit counselor that will help you find ways to improve your credit profile.

Other necessary requirements that must not be taken for granted are:

  1. You can afford to pay the 5-10% down payment of the purchase price of new homes. A pre-owned home has the same down payment range. Factors that can affect the price of the down are size of the home, type of your loan and especially your credit profile. Loans are available from 15-30 years.
  2. You must be employed for 3 years before you apply for a loan.
  3. You should have a lower debt ratio. Mobile home financing companies have various benchmarks of required debt ratio that you must meet.

You can find many lending companies in the net. Still, you must evaluate the various available offers and pick the one that offers you the best deal.

Can I Get Insurance For My Mobile Home?


September 15, 2010

Insuring your mobile home by applying mobile home insurance is the best way to ensure that your home and your properties are protected. This type of insurance is different from home insurance for fixed homes and covers a wide protection from, 1) fire, windstorm, lightning, hailstorm, and other physical damage, 2) stealing of property, and Furthermore, this type of insurance particularly caters to the nature and needs of mobile home owners. But you will pay a higher cost than paying an insurance of a conventional house because mobile homes are susceptible to damage and because of the differences of the construction.

Mobile home insurance policy types are peril policies that cover mobile homes in the event of fire and others as stated in first number above, and comprehensive polices that cover those perils that are not listed in the policies as excluded.  Basic packages may include, a personal property package that protects you if any of your belongings are stolen from your mobile home, a personal liability coverage that secure you against a claim or and medical payments coverage, which pays the medical expenses for injuries to other people that occur on your property or elsewhere. You can also have a fire and extended coverage policy, additional living expenses, and emergency removal expenses. Other optional packages are consent to move, transportation coverage and lien holder’s single interest coverage.

By having mobile home insurance you are certain that your properties are protected. There are agents who can help you in getting insurance policies to your home and properties. Just look for insurance agents or companies that have a license to avoid scams. You can also search the net and find mobile home insurance agents or companies that are near your city or state. The more options you can choose the better you can find a decent insurance for your mobile home.

But there are three common things that insurers will consider from you that you must first take into account before getting an insurance policy:

  1. Money- You should have enough money to maintain such insurance policies. In addition, you must afford to pay the deductibles which are the amount of loss/damage of each of your properties before the insurance company covers the expenses. The company will make you choose of the amount of deductible you are willing to pay, and afterwards, you are responsible to meet the amount.
  2. Age - Old mobile homes are difficult to find insurance policies. They were built years ago that they don’t meet the current housing standards. Insurance companies will not risk covering the expenses that will run out their money for frequent insurance claims. If ever there are insurance available, rates are high for you to maintain it. But then if your mobile home is brand new it will not be difficult for you to get the approval of the insurance company.
  3. Secured tie downs- Some of the insurance companies may compel you to tie down your mobile home securely by the approved methods and use of ground anchors. If your mobile home is secured to the ground with a permanent foundation, your mobile home is qualified to such tie down requirement. Ask insurance agents on the rules of their companies with regards to such tie down requirements.         

In getting an insurance policy for your mobile homes you must consider first the coverage before the cost of the insurance.