First Time Buyers – HUD

The information below is taken directly from the HUD (the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) website and is provided simply for your reference and information. There is some great information here regarding mobile homes and financing, etc. Just download the PDF's they provide.

What are manufactured homes?
Manufactured homes (formerly known as mobile homes) can be a great alternative for first-time and other homebuyers. Learn more.

Decide on a manufactured home
Would you be allowed to move a manufactured home to another location? Can you make alterations? How can you get assistance if you are a first-time buyer? What are the financing options? Get answers.

Finance a manufactured home
In addition to other options; HUD/FHA has a special program to help you purchase a manufactured home and lot.

Choose a site and set up your manufactured home
Thinking about getting a manufactured home? Not sure how to choose the proper site? We can help!

More information to help you decide to purchase a manufactured home

If you are interested in looking for a HUD home, just visit this link: